What is Dome Camera and Uses of it?

Dome cameras are suspended, ceiled or mounted on the wall depending on the application or field of view required. The camera is embedded and mounted inside a transparent dome to avoid the direction of the camera from the viewers or to obscure the camera position. There are many types of dome camera such as IP, analog, fixed or mobile. PTZ domes are capable of rotating, incline or even focus closer on the objects of interest (zoom). These cameras are also thermal for night vision because they are equipped with infrared illuminators or they can be used for only day purpose. This finds their main application in hazardous (explosion risk) environments. They are also available in mini and micro versions and are also available in different architecture styles for all kinds of housings. Nowadays modern IP is also available within built video analytic and the power can be provided to them through Ethernet signals power which reduces the installation costs.

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Uses of Dome Camera

Variety and Diversity

If we considered Technical things, dome cameras can be IP dome cameras or even analog dome security cameras and they can also be used but in night and day, it contains particular tool which makes it suitable for all environment. It has advanced techniques such as motion sensors, thermal sensors, and pan-tilt-zoom.

Wide Angle

Dome camera shape are in different ways because they are configured as dome they rotate in horizontally and vertically almost about 180 degrees, they perform multitask to achieve exceptional surveillance.

Vandal Resistances

If we choose wrongly there will be some undetected flaws in dome-shaped cameras, so if they are not vandal resistances they can resist roughly handled conditions.

Discreet and Low Profile

This is one of the reasons for the popularity of this camera they cannot be readily noticeable and conspicuous, they are basically used for front door and the place where we don’t expect visitor or passer and to be instantly aware of the presences of unknown people.

Artistic appeal

This is another advantage due this many users prefer dome cameras over bullet camera due to presences of artistic appearances.


Here there is need of placing a bracket on the surface and screw before mounting them, but there are differences between wired and wireless surveillance camera which required some drilling on the wall and inserting(threading) wires around the house.


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